Need to know where to elope in Tofino?

Tofino has an array of beautiful places to share your vows. The list is long, so I hope I can narrow it down for you. Most of these spots are for elopements only, as they are small or harder to get to if you need easy accessibility. Oh yes, this is a post sharing all the goods on where to elope in Tofino. There are spots that highlight the beautiful black rock landscapes, quiet rainforest spaces, or big expansive beaches. There are some that boast all of these elements. There is over 30 kilometres of beautiful coastline to explore. So where do we start?

  1. Tonquin Beach - Tonquin is a lovely little beach. Fun fact! This is where my husband and I got married 3 years ago. We also got engaged here. And had our first date here!? So it holds a very special place in my heart. It is about an 8 minute walk through the rainforest down a graded path to get here with a little tricky entrance at the end over tree-roots. Once you get on the beach, it is a bright and beautiful corner of the peninsula that has access to forest and beautiful rock formations.
  2. South of South Chesterman Beach - This is the spot for those low tide lovers. It only happens when it's a low low tide, but when it happens this zone is so magical! There are steep cliffs, dramatic caves and beautifully shaped rocks. You can sense the power of the ocean when you walk through this area.
  3. Pettinger Point at Cox Bay - You have the option of beach, rainforest or rocks-with-crazy-beautiful-backdrop here. There is a fairly new and accessible boardwalk that takes you through the rainforest to a couple wonderful spots. Including a miniature shell beach in one direction and a miniature sandy beach in the other. At the end of the trail is Pettinger Point, where you have a dramatic panoramic view of Cox Bay, Rosie Bay and South Chesterman Beach. The only catch with this is (I believe) you need to be staying at Pacific Sands Resort.
  4. South Beach - Apparently the Group of Seven came here by boat to paint this reclusive beach. It is a rugged and different feeling beach from the others. It's steeper, quieter and more stormy feeling. It makes you feel like you are the only people around for kilometres. And you might be! It is a truly wild place.
  5. Take a seaplane or helicopter - Elope on a mountaintop, different beach or on a glacier. Whatever your chosen adventure is, you can find it via the air. Atleo Air and Tofino Air are the two spots in town to check out.

There are many other locations to get married in Tofino of course and if you are looking for something else, email and ask me anything! I'm sure we can find the ideal spot for you.

Some tips for getting married at the beach in Tofino: Check the tide chart. Low tide is a very key time for certain spots, like South Chesterman Beach. For that low light golden goodness, photography is always best at sunrise or sunset. At sunrise, the sun is usually behind the trees or mountains but creates a beautiful and soft backlight when it pops over. At sunset it is lowering on the horizon and it feels like it lasts forever sometimes. So special! For times of the year to shoot here, it is a total guessing game. It can be bright and beautiful during our rainy season and the rain can fall in our summer months.

Below I shared some images from each of these Tofino spots so you get an idea.

Thinking about eloping in Tofino? You can see my full Tofino Elopement Guide here that will give you all the info on where to eat, what to do and where to go during your meaningful time in this special place.

Getting married? Planning your wedding or elopement? Have a look at my work and send me a note to say hi!

Tonquin Beach

South Chesterman Beach

Cox Bay Area

South Beach

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