Hi! I'm Lindsay (she/her).

I love the West Coast and everything to do with it. I love hiking, camping, surfing, capturing its textures, people and landscapes. I love showing couples beautiful little nooks in the rocks, beaches and forest where I love to shoot and the special spots at high and low tides. I love playing with my pup and daughter on the beach or the back deck and watching the eagles soar above us. I love exploring with my family and friends. These little things bring about the thing I love most: love!

I hear working with me is a fun time. I tend to be goofy and get really excited about nice light. I work hard to make you feel comfy and like we've known each other for a long time. Let's work together!

A portrait of me, Lindsay Henwood.
A photo of Lindsay taking a picture with her medium format film camera.
Lindsay and her husband, Peter, surfing together.
Lindsay, Peter and their dog, Eddy, on their wedding day.