I understand how these photographs become heirlooms for generations to come. I have a framed photo of my grandparents on their wedding day hanging in our home and I look at it every single day. I was lucky enough to wear the same necklace my grandmother's wore at her wedding at my wedding too. These quick moments of time and memory turn into little legacies that we look back on for many years. Here I am looking at this photo of my grandparents beautiful day 70 years later.

I was handed my first camera when I was seven years old. It became a passion and I began to take photos of wildlife, landscapes and my family. I was lucky enough to travel in our van when I was a kid so was able to see a lot of our province. Over the years I started photographing people and capturing those little moments shared between friends and people I love. It meant a lot to be able to find those big feelings in those little moments.

Portrait of Lindsay Henwood of Lovesea Wedding Photography

My Philosophy

Portrait of cute dog

Working together

My goal is to make your day an expansive, easy going and relaxed day. I work to create a mellow and creative environment where you two can shine as you are. I love hearing your favourite stories and pastimes together. This is about working in a fun setting where you sort of forget I'm even there. Also, dogs are always welcome.

Photo of surfer on a wave
My hobbies

What I like to do

I surf, take photographs, hike, swim, forage, camp, and hang out with my dog and family. I love eating chips and salsa somewhere remote, girls trips, family trips, finding quiet nooks of the ocean for a picnic and exploring Clayoquot Sound. It is a simple life but a wonderful life.

Photo of family together in Tofino
Who I love

My family

I am surrounded by an amazing family and community of friends. We spend a ton of time on the boat looking for whales, beachcombing and studying the coastline and playing in the beach pools.

Moments from my life

Here is a montage showing a little more about my background so you know more about me :). Some of these I am in and some of them I took. Some are with my iphone with no filter and some are with a 35 mm or medium format film camera. Let me know what you two like doing together too. I love hearing your stories and favourite times you have had together.