how to handle rain on your tofino wedding day

Taken at Lighthouse Park in Ucluelet, BC, by Lindsay

Taken at Lighthouse Park in Ucluelet, BC, by Lindsay

If you do a quick online search for images of Tofino weddings, chances are you’ll be quickly overwhelmed with an endless stream of sunny scenes, bright beaches, and picturesque sunsets. It’s those long summer days we often see on social media, but Tofino is green, and there’s a reason for it. We live in a temperate rainforest after all! Late Autumn and Winter can bring rain and storms to the coast, creating an dramatically beautiful scene, but not all couples are looking for rain. So, putting a solid and easy plan in place to manage the rain will help take your focus away from the storm and focus on your beautiful day. However, I’m always so amazed at how many beautiful sunny days we have on the coast.

Here are a couple ideas that can help you deal with the rain that might invite itself to your Tofino wedding:

1. Have a covered place to go

Tofino’s rugged beauty is generally the reason why so many couples plan their wedding here, but it’s all too easy to forget that getting wed in the wild, and especially in winter, might also mean getting wet. If you plan to do an outdoor wedding and it looks like there is rain on the horizon, make sure that you have a tent on the beach or covered area for guests to hang out in before and after the ceremony to limit time spent getting wet. You can also prepare an area indoors for the champagne toast. If you decide to keep everything outside, have everyone bring a raincoat and embrace the refreshing rain!

Most resorts hook guests up with rain gear

Most resorts hook guests up with rain gear

2. Be open to subtle changes in location

The beach is one stunning option for a wedding ceremony, but there are many other more sheltered options as well. Endless beautiful forest nooks are hidden right next to sand or beautiful beach homes where you won’t be feeling the rain quite as strong. As an added bonus, you’ll end up with some completely original wedding photos from a unique vantage point! If that is too hard to organize, Tofino also has a number of venues that meld into the landscape so you hardly notice that you are inside. Check out the sunset scenery provided by The Shore Pier, the incredible views of Cox Bay from the Great Room at the Long Beach Lodge, or the cozy settings at Middle Beach Lodge and Wickanninish Inn.

October wedding at  The Shore Pier

October wedding at The Shore Pier

3. Get those umbrellas and gumboots out

Work with the rain and have fun with your outfit! I bring white and clear umbrellas for the bride, groom and bridal party to help stay dry. They work great as photo props! They’re also a great way to bring everyone closer together, and come with some good laughs. Though not a permanent solution, a good set of umbrellas can help you through a surprise rainstorm during the ceremony or other outdoor portion of the event. Another fun idea is to accessorize with some gumboots. They’re functional, and bringing them for photos afterwards will help you stay dry and create some adorable stormy wedding photos.


4. Change up your champagne toast

One of the quickest ways to stay happy in a cold and wet environment is by having something warm to put in your body. If it looks like the big day might be a bit chillier than expected, trade the champagne toast for a hot chocolate + baileys toast – or add it to the menu! Having a warm snack after the ceremony and before the reception is also a great way to keep your guests cozy and fueled.

5. Embrace it

Let’s face it – sometimes there’s no getting around the weather. There’s something to that though, and it’s a big part of why people come to Tofino to get married. A Tofino wedding will always have an element of the unknown, an adventurous aspect to it. Have fun with it and feel like a kid again!


Getting married in Tofino means being surrounded by natural beauty and a wild coast. Rain and storms are just another glorious side to this special town. It tends to bring people back to being a kid and I often find there is so much more laughter in the rain. So a bit of planning and working with what the day brings can make sure that you’ll have the wedding of your dreams, rain or shine! As the wedding photographer, I will always work with you and the rain to get beautiful photos. No matter what!